The frustration is real

I have spent the last month job hunting at home. Frankly it has been the fastest and best month of my life. It is not without its irritations though. The last 15 years of my life have been spent working, usually over 40 hours a week. I have worked in retail, sales, manual labor, service, just about any job you can imagine. It didn’t stop when I went home either I have pets, a demanding garden, and of course a home to maintain. Yet, somehow, I feel like I have worked harder in the last month than I have in my whole life. Maybe It’s just because I’m getting old… More likely though it is that I have put a ridiculous amount of pressure on myself to prove I am working just as hard as I did when I had a job. I am at home all day so therefore my home must be spotless, dinner on the table, pets cared for, etc. My husband has not once said anything to this effect. Yet I have it in my head that I’m at home so I must have results to prove I worked all day. Also add it the time spent trying to find a job…

So this brings me to yesterday. My day consisted of making dinner, dropping off applications, cleaning my car, laundry, oh and dealing with this two-foot-tall, incredibly mobile monster that lives in my house. My main project for the day was to make “roman shades”. We had mini blinds in our bedroom window, which our obnoxious cats had managed to damage. The fat one broke off the ends trying to climb into the 3-inch-wide window sill, in which he doesn’t even remotely fit, to apparently sniff the air. So we had basically a 4×6 inch hole that I was pretty tired of seeing every day. I of course didn’t want to buy new blinds because I’m… I’ll say thrifty. I jumped on the internet to look up options and immediately saw 3 pages on how to turn my mini blinds into sweet roman shades. I used this one because it gave a very easy to follow tutorial.

My personal spin on this was to use, of course, what I had laying around. I had the perfect color and style sheer curtain that was sitting in a box gathering dust, but that wasn’t going to provide the coverage needed to prevent visibility. I held up several fabrics behind it and decided upon a simple white top sheet folded in half as a liner.


This actually was very simple, take a sheet, sew inside out, flip, sew sheer to the front. Super simple, right? Well it would have been if I didn’t have three living things in my home with their own agendas. 2FTT (my 2-foot-tall terror) was napping so perfect time to start measuring and cutting. Until Mr. Fat Cat decides he needs some immediate lovin’s. As I struggle to straighten and measure with a 20 lb inopportunely affectionate blob on top of my fabric I quickly lose patience. About this time 2FTT wakes up, I get her some food and set her in a chair to eat, assuming incorrectly that I may have some time to accomplish my task. Within 15 minutes she is walking, with chair still buckled in place, and getting into all of my fabric. As I get up she begins to cry because, well, she has a chair strapped to her waist. My goal of getting this done before my husband gets home is becoming less of a reality….


Unbuckling her was no better as she proceeded to walk across my fabric several times with a big ol’ “I won” grin on her face. When she wasn’t doing that she was finding every unsafe object in my terribly baby proofed area, showing it to me, and then running away as fast as possible. I get that she thinks this is a game what I don’t get is how I’m not thinner from chasing the klepto around the basement.

As I attempted to attached the mini blind slats to the hastily sewn fabric I had both cats moving them from their perfectly measured positions. As shooed them away and I corrected this problem, 2FTT stole my scissors. I’m convinced they are working together… The results were this project taking about twice as long. Which despite the lack of deadline still bothered me to the point of intense frustration. I basically rushed through it because I was irritable and had it in my head it needed to be done that day.

There are always going to be roadblocks when you are trying to make something cool. It’s not likely you will have a team of felines and adolescents, highly trained in the art of destruction and distraction, sabotaging your every move. Although you might… Either way these hurdles will very likely make you rush through or not even want to finish your task. It’s these situations that it is so important to stop, put it down and step back. Time is something we are all short of these days, but if you relax and reevaluate you won’t regret taking that extra time. I had to take a step back, admit temporary defeat, and move on to entertaining the unstoppable pink force. The next day I made sure to fix the errors I had made the day before (which were primarily sewing issues that were easily pulled apart and repaired). My self-imposed deadline was not met but the finish product met my standards.12814507_10153877057022347_3322021079384057031_n

The concept of using the mini blinds to make a new window treatment is awesome, the plan was fairly easy to follow, the execution was… hell, but at the end of the day I am very happy I no longer have to worry if people can see in my bedroom.